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2014 AGM

I’m thrilled to let you know that a very exciting and energetic team have put up their hands to take the soccer club to a new dimension next year.

Anthony Read is happy to spear head the new team and you would all know Phil Treacy ( Vice President) and Michelle Patterson (Secretary). The three have worked tirelessly alongside me the last few years and are passionate about their soccer and your club. New comer to the team is Shane Fraser who has nominated for the position of treasurer – Fabulous…Welcome Shane!

As you well know many hands make light work and with the size the club has grown to there is a huge amount of work.

If we could entice a few more people to come on board in a few of the minor roles below it would be so helpful to the new team and ensure a lovely smooth season in 2015.

Please consider whether you may be able to help out in one of the following roles:-

  • Someone to monitor & guide the coaches in setting up their training areas on Fridays. This involves making sure coaches set up in the correct spots &, if any coaches are running late, helping get that coach’s equipment out of the shed & looking after their team until the coach arrives.
  • A couple of people to help set up the fields for home games. A lot of this setting up can be done on Fridays during & after training.
  • Someone to manage the equipment in the shed i.e. checking and pumping balls every fortnight, making sure we have enough equipment such as chalk spray for marking fields & generally making sure the shed is tidy.
  • Someone to co-ordinate the sausage sizzle every Friday. This involves buying the food & other items i.e. sausages, bread, cordial, sauce, napkins, plastic cups etc. (we usually just get it all from Woollies) & bringing it all to training every Friday. This person does NOT necessarily have to cook – we usually get one or two willing parents who are happy to cook. It does often involve serving, but again there are usually plenty of other willing helpers.
  • Someone handy with the tools who can help us keep our goals in good repair.
  • A couple of creative people to explore & work on fund raising ideas.
  • Assistance with sign on days. These are usually the first two or three Fridays in Term 1. Sign on is done after school finishes & gets pretty busy. Lots of help here would be great.
  • A couple of people to organise events eg. the End of Season World Cup Day & any other fantastic fundraising events our fundraising committee come up with.

Looking forward to hearing from you, enjoy the fabulous sunshine and see you at the World Cup Break-Up

With thanks

Kathy Cassells

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