2018 Training Start dates

We have a Staggered start to training

Under 14’s and Under 13 Boys – every Tuesday and Friday, starting on Tuesday 6th February.

Under 13 Girls and Under 12’s – every Tuesday and Friday, starting on Friday 9th February.

Under 11’s and Under 10’s – every Friday, starting on 16th February.

Under 9’s and Under 8’s – every Friday, starting on 23rd February.

Under 7’s and Under 6’s – every Friday, starting on 2nd March.

Flinders Football Club Registrations are now available for the 2018 Season.

Register through the http://www.playfootball.com.au website.

Click here to see guide, Flinders Football Club Self Registration Guide 2018


2018 PASS Clinic Term 1

2018 PASS Clinic Term 1

W h a t : 8 F U N s e s s i o n s w i t h l o t s o f s k i l l s , d r i b b l i n g , 1 v 1 s s h o o t i n g e t c .
W h e n : M o n d a y s f r o m 5 F e b r u a r y t o 2 6 M a r c h 2 0 1 8
T i m e : 3 : 3 0 – 4 : 3 0 p m
W h e r e : F o r r e s t e r F i e l d s
C o s t : $ 8 0
P a y m e n t : B S B 0 6 4 1 7 5
A c c o u n t 1 1 0 9 1 7 6 1
R e f e r e n c e : C h i l d ‘ s f u l l n a m e
C o n t a c t P a u l A r n i s o n t o r e g i s t e r 0 4 3 1 3 7 1 7 8 0
p a u l a r n i s o n@o u t l o o k . c o m . a u

Coaching and Refereeing Courses

Coaching Courses

Sunshine Coast Football are facilitating a Skill Training Certificate on Sunday 11th February at Coolum FC, 9am till 4pm. FREE to registered  coaches. The link for  coaches (email sent to previous coaches) to register for the Skill Training course is https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=17521

Refereeing Courses

The next Level 4 (entry level) Referee Course will be held: Level 4 Referee course at Maroochydore FC grounds – Sunshine Coast Football Board Room Sunday 4th February 2018 REGISTER HERE:  https://education-ffa.sportingpulse.com/event.asp?ID=17776